Redirect Error: No such label 'stdexten' in extension

i have install asterisk 11 on my server but when i want to redirect to extensions, i catch this error:

[code]NOTICE[12657][C-00000043]: pbx.c:4475 pbx_extension_helper: No such label ‘stdexten’ in extension ‘305’ in context ‘DLPN_DialPlan’

WARNING[12657][C-00000043]: pbx.c:11825 pbx_parseable_goto: Priority ‘stdexten’ must be a number > 0, or valid label

ERROR[12657][C-00000043]: app_stack.c:547 gosub_exec: Gosub address is invalid: ‘305,stdexten(SIP/305)’[/code]

i think that this must be a bug in asterisk. anybody know about this???

This is the wrong forum. If this doesn’t involve a GUI, it should be on Asterisk Support. Otherwise it may actually belong on a board for that GUI.

From what I can infer from the diagnostics, this is correct behaviour for the dialplan used and the common uses of stdexten.

It looks like you have:


but don’t have a line like:

exten => 305,n(stdexten),…

in the current context.

At a guess you should have had:


because stdexten is a context, not a priority.

Hi there,

You are using asterisk 11.2.1 I assume, Are you using a gui above this?

if you are using asterisk gui 2.0 with 11.2.1 then you can reinstall asterisk.
because the asterisk gui 2.0 is build on 1.8 so the redirect goto tag is an old version.
that is why it will give this message.

I was trying to solve this problem by myself and found out its just an version problem.
if you use asterisk 1.8 your problem would solve itself.

Beside that I am going to make a documentation about this subject.
In this documentation there I will discusse the problems I went trough and how I solved them.
What the differences are an also a manual how you install the whole thing including the phones trough the gui.


I’ve got this issue also, running Asterisk 11.2.1 and GUI 2.0 built from SVN. Could you please provide information on how to solve this without reverting back to older version it woluld be appreciated.
The GUI 2.0 says it’s supported up to 1.8, but this is the only issue I experience with it towards 11.2.1.

You can try to solve it by editing eather the gui or asterisk configs and searching for the gosub/goto/stexten functions.
this link: will give you information about what is changed.
I don’t know how to fix it for 11.x without downgrading.
I think you need to search more in the gui then asterisk itself because that is the program what will make the configs.
for right now I can’t help you further :cry:
Maybe after I have wrote the documentary I will take a look at this problem and try to make it an upgrade like gui 2.1
But thats the furture.

I hope this helped you out a bit.


This problem had caused me to stick with the “10” versions of asterisk, convinced that something was horribly wrong with the gui and newer code in “11”. However, it’s a very simple fix. If you look in /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf file, you’ll see a stanza as such that is commented out.
;stdexten = gosub ; How to invoke the extensions.conf stdexten.
; macro - Invoke the stdexten using a macro as
; done by legacy Asterisk versions.
; gosub - Invoke the stdexten using a gosub as
; documented in extensions.conf.sample.
; Default gosub.
If you uncomment that stanza and put it as such,
stdexten = macro
and then restart asterisk, the incoming rules that you’ve created directly to extensions via the gui should now work just fine. Hope this helps someone! Peter

you need to go in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
add in your Dial plan
include = stdexten
and will go to working fine
i work with asterisk + asterisk Gui Digium