Inbound calls and stdexten

Hi All,

I have a setup of RHEL5 and Asterisk 1.4.4.

Previously, with asterisk 1.2.10, I could go into the ‘incoming’ context and change the default context of a particular extension if I did not want them to go through stdexten. For example:

exten => 9999,1,Macro(straight2queue,9999,SIP/9999)

However, with Asterisk 1.4, it seems that the entire incoming context in the dialplan is being ignored. I dont even need to have an extension listed in there and it will automatically route to the stdexten macro. Am I wrong in assuming that this is default behavior for 1.4 ? Am I crazy ?

How does one go about telling 1.4 to place calls to a particular extension through another context ?

Changing the context line in the users.conf is a nice way of re-directing OUTBOUND calls from that extenion. Very slick. But the incoming is now an issue for me.

Thanks for any words of wisdom someone might have.

PS - Does anyone know of a really good rundown explaining the options and features of the users.conf ?