Redirect a free line


I have 8 different numbers and telephone lines connected to a Digium A8B (all FXO interfaces) card.
If I call each of the telephone lines individually the dialplan is executed correctly.
I want all access via the first telephone number, thought ChanIsAvail do with function and redirect them to the free phone line, but once the line is busy the dialplan is no longer running.

My question is:

In the dialplan or where I can add the rules: If the phone line 1 is busy brand 2, if 2 is busy brand 3, and so line 8?


You will need to provide a copy of the dialplan.

Could you confirm that “brand!” is a mistranslation of “call over”.

Also please explain why dahdi groups are not appropriate.

If this were SIP, which doesn’t have a groups concept, you could have a sequence of calls to Dial, possibly with tests of ${HANGUPCAUSE} to try and detect calls that are failing at the far end.

Finally, Asterisk General is a discussion forum, not a support one.