Make a call from the first line free

Hi to all, I’m new to asterisk and I’m trying to install it as a test in a new office.
I have two analog lines and I bought a TDM400P card with 2 FXO modules.
I connected the two lines to the card and I created a dialplan in extensions.conf.
Now I would like to make 2 call contemporary, and I would like asterisk choose the first line free to make a call, but I don’t know to say this in extensions.conf.
Could you help me with a little example?

Thank you very much!

You need to set the group in zapata.conf or zaptel.conf (half asleep now…) and then use Dial(ZAP/G1/…)

So you are using group 1 (which you set to be both ports on your card).

Thank you very much Dovid, it works and it was very easy!

Thank you again!