Recording a ZapBarge "Experience"

We are using Asterisk in a call center environment, not as an ACD but as a call recording/monitoring server. Right now everything is working smoothly with all calls being recorded and the ability to dial in and monitor at any time with ZapBarge.

The thing that we are missing is the ability to record a person’s entire ZapBarge experience. Meaning that we would like to record the individual calls seperately and then also have a recording of all the calls/dead air/etc that the person monitoring experienced.

The current code I’m using is similar to this:

[code]exten => 127,1,SetVar(CALLFILENAME=account-${TIMESTAMP})
exten => 127,2,Monitor(wav,${CALLFILENAME},m)
exten => 127,3,Dial(Zap/9/2558)

exten => 2490,1,ZapBarge(9)
exten => 2490,2,Hangup [/code]

The code I tried to use earlier was this:

exten => 2490,1,SetVar(MONITORFILENAME=monitorsession-${TIMESTAMP}) exten => 2490,2,Monitor(wav,${MONITORFILENAME},m) exten => 2490,3,ZapBarge(9) exten => 2490,4,Hangup

What I get then is a recording of whatever is said on the monitoring end of things, but not the actual calls that they were listening to.

Does anybody know any trick to get around this or any input on what else I might try?

Thanks much.