How to monitor and save all calls


i have tried zapbarge function in my dial plan wich your are going the dial the assigned extentensions on it and the extention you are going to listen.

now what i want to happen is to save all the conversation in a specified path
so how to deal it? how what would be the steps and what would be the things i need to learned in order to designed my customized record conversation sytem.?

i read about tribox but i dont need all of its features i only need to record all the conversation that would come in and out in my asterisk server and listen
them later.

please help

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Did you try to search for “record” on the wiki ?

yep, but id like to have any idea on how to do it.
i’d like to record all conversation within my asterisk and
dial an specific extensions and then select from customized IVR to listen
or delete that file

Have a look at this:

Using Monitor() to record calls.

You can use something like ARI (Asterisk Recording Interface) to listen to them for any specific extension.