Record Video works, but not Play

Hi everybody!!!

I have asterisk installed, it works perfectly. I’m using H263 video codec and GSM as audio.
I’m using the voip videophone GRANDSTREAM GXV3000 doing a video call in order to record it (in case of a video voicemail example).

In my dialplan, the funcion which does that is: record(video.gsm). That records me the video and the audio in two files, video.h263 and video.gsm.
Then, I use the funcion playback(video) and in the screem of the GRANDSTREAM I can watch the video.

The problem is when I try to watch the from my computer because, I really don’t know how to play it, which application can support that code once asterisk has recorded over it. Even I try to convert it to from .3gp to .h263 using ffasterisk and it doesn’t work, it says that video codec is not support, something pretty wierd because I can convert from .3gp o .h263.

Any idea??? Does someone know how to play it using JMF for example???

Another Question…

Does someone know if asterisk record h263 in some strange codec, because I have read that JMF support h263, but when I try to play it the JMFStudio it doesn’t work. Besides, I can’t convert to other format using ffmpeg.

Come oN!!!

Nobody has ever tried to play a video recorded by asterisk with another player???

Please help… :cry: