Record in MP3 Format

Is there anyone know how can i use Asterisk to record in MP3 format,
MixMonitor Command will not solve the problem because it will record the whole call, and what i want is just recording when the user is prompted to record.
I’m using Record command through AGI but this command cannot record in MP3 directly.
thank you.

You can try use sox to change the format of the file saved by the Record() application.


Marco Bruni

theer is one lame function in linux os which you can use with Monitor command or mix monitor command.
using this you first record file in wav format & then due to 'lame ’ u can convert it into mp3.
compelet info or exmple you can find on Ithink MixMinitor cmd is better for that.


You should build lame and madlib and then sox. Sox will notice lame and madlib and add .mp3 support.

I had some problems with newer versions of sox. 12.17.9 is working fine with lame and madlib on a Suse system. On debian I had problems but maybe I did something wrong.

Check the examples on the wiki of features.conf

You just have to install lame!!! and there you go…