Record command and DTMF digit


I use the Record() command to save speaker’s audio to a file (Asterisk 13 Application_Record - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki).

The option ‘y’ allows to interrupt the recording if any DTMF digit is pressed. How can I know which digit was pressed?
I believe “RECORD_STATUS” just says “DTMF” without specifying the actual digit.

Is it possible to get that info?

It is not saved for normal operational purposes, although it will be in the DTMF log.

It’s also relatively unreliable because of talk off, if any part of the media path uses inband DTMF.

I’m trying to set up an IVR with voice recognition. It’s a bit like this:

playback(For foo, press 1 or say foo after the beep.)
playback(For bar, press 2 or say bar after the beep.)
playback(For operator, press 0 or say operator after the beep or please hold.)

The AGI script then uses Vosk to convert the audio file into a string. From there I can match keywords and send instructions back to the dialplan.

First of all, any suggestions on how to improve this (maybe with a completely different approach)? I would really like to remove the “after the beep” message, but I don’t know if there’s a way to transcribe the channel’s audio to text “at all time” even while a message is being played back – as with playback or background (ie. record whenever there’s “noise” then pause when silence detected so the recording can be processed, then resume recording until next pause/silence, etc. – oh, and if there are any digits pressed then send them too so they can be processed). All this sounds like it should be in its own process - a bit like a ChanSpy app, processing audio on-the-go but within the same dialplan channel logic so as to control the call’s behavior.

Second, if Record cannot reliably give me the dialed digit then I will obviously not be able to do the “or press WHATEVER” options above.

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