Application Record and DTMF capture

Hi everyone,

in terms of developing an Asterisk dialplan, I need to stop voice recording when DTMFs ‘#’ (save the wav) or ‘*’ (delete the wav) are pressed.
After investigating and testing application Record, I concluded that it can be configured to stop recording if:

  • DTMF ‘#’ is detected (default behavior)
  • DTMF ‘*’ is detected (option t)
  • any DTMF is detected (option y)

Therefore, I assume that I cannot use specific function as is.
I am thinking as alternatives:

  • change C source code, in order to achieve the behavior I need via a new option
  • using AMI (I am not sure how to do it though)

Can I solve my problem via another simpler way with less effort?
What seems more appropriate from your point of view?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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