Record a call in ARI

How to record a call using ARI with on demand?

You use a Snoop channel to spy on the channel you want to record, and then use the record route on the Snoop channel. This creates an equivalent of the “MixMonitor” application.

Actually when a call is answered it needs to be recorded using a softphone button or a web application button ,so I click a softphone button and the recorded is started and if I click the same button again it is paused and so recorded files are created.This is the procedure.But how to realize this using ARI?

ARI provides an interface to write telephony applications, how you write those applications is up to you. ARI is just a component of what you are doing and is not itself involved in the button side or that interaction.

Okay I want to write application for recording calls?How to do it in ARI?

I’ve told you how to do it using the ARI interface. If you are asking how to write the application that actually does it, then I don’t really have an answer.

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