Record channel while in bridge

Hi, I’m wondering how I can record a channel while the channel is in bridge?

I saw some topics say that we can use snoop(spy/whisper).

  1. where is the recorded file located?
  2. Is there any way to control the recording? like, I want to record the whole conversation all the time, at the mean time I want to record a specific answer from the caller for review. after I got the answer I want, stop snooping.
  3. what’s the difference of spy and whisper?

Thanks a lot !!!

Are you referring to within an ARI application? In dialplan? You weren’t specific.

  1. recorded file : /var/spool/asterisk/monitor
  2. you can record by ami, ari and dial-plan
  3. asterisk has a spy module with many options

Hi, I’m referring to REST API.

Actually I wanted to use /channels/{channelId}/record, however it’s not working while the channel is in bridge.
Also I want to use the parameters of channel record to control the recording, like maxDurationSeconds, maxSilenceSeconds and etc.

Is there any way to achieve that?
Thanks a lot!

You do as you originally stated, you created a snoop channel and then call record on the Snoop channel. The record operation behaves the same way as you see in the API whether it is used on a normal channel or a Snoop channel.

Spy receives audio from the channel you are snooping on.
Whisper injects audio to the channel you are snooping on.

Just like ChanSpy.

How about features like maxDurationSeconds, maxSilenceSeconds, terminateOn for controlling the snooping?

The Record route is documented on the wiki[1]. Those are part of it and mostly work the same way for Snoop channels. The difference is that Snoop channels don’t receive the DTMF, so terminateOn would not work and you’d have to implement it in your ARI application instead.


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