Recording a call on demand

i am new to ari and asterisk in general.

I am writing a stasis app using nodejs.

when a call comes in it gets added a bridge.

i want to beable to record any participant in the bridge to its own file, so what i do is I have a webui with a button for each caller to record.

that button tells the stasis app to create a snoop channel on the channel i want to record and I start recording it.

I also want to beable to stop recording with another button on the web ui.

currently i acheive that by hanging up the snoop channel, i would like to use the ari.channels.record.stop function, so i can move the file in a call back function once recording has been completed.

any help would be appreciated. If needed I can post my functions that are starting and stopping the recording.


What do you need help with? What did you try that didn’t work? What happened?