Recommended Rack-Mount Hardware ? What are you using?

  1. What have folks found to be Good/Reliable Rack Mounted hardware for setting up Asterisk high capacity production servers ?

Vendor ?

Specific Models ?

  1. Is anyone using PENGIUN Linux servers ?

  2. What “U Form” are folks using for servers ? 1 U 2U or 3U

I have looked at all the Asterisk recommended hardware pages but they seem very light on info.

Any shared experince is much appreciatted.

The Dynapower EJ-4U418 is a well-built case. Drive options aren’t optimal, but it has worked for my two productions servers.

It is a 4U case.

Im a Dell Server guy - and love their server support… I use a 2u 2850 with raid5 scsi (5 drives) and a 3 year 24/7 onsite warrenty.

works well everythings redundent down to the memory.

we also use Dell 2850’s, and other than some off and on stability issues with the TE410P hardware, they’ve been largely reliable.

one thing though - since asterisk doesn’t use much HD space, i’d consider running a raid 1 mirror with a hotspare - that way you only use three drives per server and you’d actually have to lose all three drives for there to be any data loss…we were runnign raid 5 until one of the drives failed and the hotspare didn’t kick in. asterisk immediately locked up and we ended up losing the entire array. with raid 1, everything would have kept on chugging (and we even tested this by pulling 2 of the 3 drives - everything stayed up, although the server started throwing out alarms left and right).

i’ve also heard good things about HP servers - they seem to be fairly popular as well.