Recommended hardware


I have a project to mount an Asterisk server. Today we have a fiber internet connection 10 mega and wish to install 30 phone numbers on Asterisk.

What do you recommend in terms of server hardware configuration to use 30 numbers? I have an appliance with the following configuration:

Intel Atom Processor E3825 (1M Cache, 1.33 GHz) 2 cores
4 GB of RAM


seb, there is no formula for that. Here , Here and Here you can find some information about it. Or the best thing to do IMO is install and configure asterisk as you’d like, and after that test with

The main problems in Asterisk appears when you need to process too many transcoding processes or many people using a same channel/bridge simultaneously (conference with too many people), and it’s generally solved with more CPU. Of course, if you have some bug on the way it’s a bug, not a hw problem. If you don’t have these situations, it’ll work like a charm with this hw that you posted.