Receiving a phone call, then transfer to mobile/cell phone

HI All,

Often in my work I receive a call on my desk phone and then I tend to have to drive somewhere, which as you can imagine means dropping the call and then either me calling them back or them ringing again.

And I wondered whether something could be fashioned out of an asterisk box?

I understand it is possible to have a bluetooth adaptor connected to an asterisk box so a mobile can ring when away from the desk, but wondered whether this feature could be, somehow, used to either automatically put the call on hold with an advisory message that the call is on hold and will be transfered to the mobile / cell phone.

many thanks in advance… my above requirements are to have a call moved from desk phone to mobile, and whether this is seamless or not is currently a ‘loose’ option and could be either way - seamless would of course, be much more flashy :wink:

Any help would be very much greatly appreciated.

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Jonathan. :smiley:

Why not just transfer the call to your mobile phone ?

Hi there,

We can currently do this, but, would like to see whether its possible to have something a little more seamless.


Currently in my setup I have:

exten => XXX,1,Dial(SIP/XXX,10,tr)
exten => XXX,2,Playback(privacy-please-stay-on-line-to-be-connected)
exten => XXX,3,Dial(SIP/trunk/mobile_number)

If I do not pick up the call in 10 seconds it is transfered to my cell.

Hi there,

Thank you for the swift replies.

Yeah, I was familiar with the method of “if desk phone not answered in X seconds, then transfer to ABC123 number”… but … my thoughts were based around using a bluetooth dongle and then when the bluetooth signal was out of reach, the call would then be transferred automatically - giving a seamless phone call to the caller.

if that makes sense?

jt :wink:

Check for example blueproximity. It can execude a script when your phone is out of range.

bingo :wink:

Cheers dude, that looks exactly like what i’m looking for :wink:

cheers again!

Jonathan :wink:

You welcome :smile: