Receive calls using AX-100P.. PSTN?

Hi All

I installed the asterisk in the fedoura core. And i configures two sip connection (in sip.conf & extension.conf) & made them to to communicate each other.

I got [color=blue]AX-100P [/color]is a single port FXO PCI interface card for capturing a standard analog phone line into my Linux server with Asterisk PBX software.

Now the need is

[color=green][b]1. How to receive the calls using the pstn? any configuration in “extensions.conf” is required?

  1. How to make calls from sip to outside world? any configuration in “extensions.conf” is required?[/b][/color]

Thanks in advance.
Ram kumar

Hi All

Let me know, do we have any separate setting in extension.conf to get the incomming calls using AX-100P (single port FXO PCI interface card).

Same like i have configured some sip connections in sip.conf. So let me know what i need to do in extensions.conf to make a outbound call from the sip.

Thanks in advance.

Ram kumar

Dowload this good free book about *, and read the chapter 4, it should help you.


Marco Bruni