Receive calls using AX-100P.. PSTN?

Hi All

I installed the asterisk in the fedora core. And i configured two sip connection (in sip.conf & extension.conf) & made them to communicate each other.

I got [color=blue]AX-100P[/color] is a single port FXO PCI interface card for capturing a standard analog phone line into my Linux server with Asterisk PBX software.

Now the need is

  1. How to receive the calls using the pstn? any configuration in “extensions.conf” is required?

  2. How to make calls from sip to outside world? any configuration in “extensions.conf” is required? [/b][/color]

Thanks in advance.

Ram Kumar

Hi All

Let me know, do we have any separate setting in extension.conf to get the incomming calls using AX-100P (single port FXO PCI interface card).

Same like i have configured some sip connections in sip.conf. So let me know what i need to do in extensions.conf to make a outbound call from the sip.

Thanks in advance.

Ram kumar