Receive a call from an ordinary cell phone

it is possible to receive a call from an ordinary cell phone and distribute it to the extensions??
if yes, how?
of what I need ?

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A connection to the PSTN, or a mobile phone dongle and a mobile phone account.

You may be able to get a licence to operate your own cellular base station, but that would not be an option for Joe Public in the UK.

Note I assume you mean destination device, not extension, although you could have extensions with no destination device.

Could you be more clear about what you’re trying to do? It sounds like what you’re describing is simply a dial plan to route external calls to internal extensions? The basic concept for this is in the DID-Extensions section of the basic-pbx extensions.conf file (found here:

This context that you create there would need to be linked to an endpoint that you create in your pjsip.conf that represents the ITSP/SBC/whatever you have that will be directing the incoming calls to the PBX.


I suspect this is more about trying to cut out the middle man!