Direct call extension


I am new to asterisk and seem to get a bit stuck in what I am looking for.
My goal is to setup a telephone server which recieves calls and directs them to different extensions. The extensions are different messages that are played, possibly with the option to press a key to get to a reception or another key to leave a message. These extension should be easy manageable though a database (adding or deleting them, and choosing which message should be played).

The main problem I can’t seem to find an answer to is if I can dail directly to the extension. E.g. if I buy the phonenumber +46812349999 and I would like extension 12345, then I would like the user to be able to call +468123999912345 and directly hear the message assigned to the extension. Is this possible? If so, how and what do I need?

The other problem I would like to know how to manage is the dynamic extension part. How can I easily create an extension using a mysql database?

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  1. No its not possible since you first need to send the PSTN number to your provider then your provider redirect the call to your PBX, if you send more digits than your PSTN number customer never will reach your provider(better discuss that with your provider)

  2. Read the for the chapter 16 for the ARA.

Ok, so do I understand you correctly by saying that I should not receive a call if I call my phone number + extra bunch of number, or do you mean that my provider will cut of the extra numbers when transferring the call to me?

I didn’t really understand your question, but I think the original replier also hasn’t understood it.

If you have a true DID (a lot of what people call DID’s in the VoIP world are only DIDs to the ITSP, not to the end user), it will send some, or all, of the called number, and Asterisk will use that as the extension to run, or fail the call if there is no such extension.