Reassigned disconnect (*)


How can I reassign * to something else to disconnect a caller in a queue.

I have transfer set as *1, but as soon as the agent hits * it disconnects.

I have looked in features.conf but can’t see what I should be editing - “disconnect” is set to *0


you could reassign transfer to be #1


Thanks for your reponse.

Unfortunately, reassinging transfer is not really an option.

I am getting the following in /var/log/asterisk/messages…

res_features.c: Sequence ‘*’ already mapped to function Disconnect Call (disconnect) while assigning to atxfer.

My features.conf file is as follows…

transferdigittimeout => 5
parkext => 700 ; What ext. to dial to park
parkpos => 701-720 ; What extensions to park calls on
context => parkedcalls ; Which context parked calls are in
; (default is 45 seconds)
xfersound = beep ; to indicate an attended transfer is complete

atxfer => *
blindxfer => #1
disconnect => #0

Does anybody have any ideas why asterisk is not paying any attention to the “disconnect => #0” line?