Realtime asterisk 13 with pjsip

Hello All,
Samebody can help about realtime in asterisk 13 ?

I have database in Ms Sql it´s possibol to Identify the customer by telephone number or through a serial number of a deternated product?

what i need to do ?

Tank you.

The PJSIP functionality determines which endpoint is calling based on the user portion of the From header or a configured IP address match. Any other matching you would need to implement yourself in code.

Ok ,so first i need connet asterisk to Ms sql becouse they are in diferente servers after i pass to the code
~i need install freetds in centos 7 ?

Tank you .

PJSIP does not support MSSQL as of this time. There is however a wiki page[1] which describes setting it up for MySQL.


Ok in future will pjsip support MSSQL ?

Is there a way to pass data from MSSQL clients to Mysql ?

There is noone actively working on the changes to support MSSQL or testing it out.

As for passing data, I have no information on that.

I have an php script that looks up customer data in our MSSQL based CRM and modifies the caller ID accordingly.

I can get it to you if you are familiar with php and have is set up to access mysql.

i’m not familiar with php but i can try :relaxed:

Tank you !

Is still there is no support for real-time PJSIP with MSSQL ?

This is a peer support forum, which means that people answer questions voluntarily. Generally people with open source leaning are not heavy users of Microsoft products, There are also very few regular responders, and Real Time is not part of the core product, so it may be difficult to even find expertise on ARA + PJSIP.

I know of noone working on such a thing or using it.

Appreciate your response Mr David ,
I know its a peer support , and thank full for all the help that been given (no doubt about that ).
my question was actually was if it possible . no that I want full tutorial on subject matter . I hope i didn’t break any rule in doing that thank you very much.

thank you for the response Mr jcolp
I made my func_odbc work with mssql .
dose ARA + PJSIP use same internal mechanism ?

It uses the res_odbc module, but it constructs its own queries and such.