PJSIP Realtime Sqlite3

Hi, i am trying to migrate my Asterisk 15 to LTS 18.7.1.

My architecture is embedded arm and i do not have a possibility for MySQL (at least not so easy).
On the existing system, i use sqlite3 in combination with chan_sip Realtime (ODBC was set).
Now i want to migrate to LTS version with chan_pjsip.
I had already done the main part but i was stuck at database tables.

I already tried to follow ‘Setting up PJSIP Realtime’ but there is instruction for alembic and MySQL.
Where can i find how database tables look like with all tables and all needed columns?
Or maybe alembic can be used with sqlite3?

Another question is because i have a dozen devices that should migrate and they are already configured with sip accounts in sqlite3 table (table ‘sip_peers’) for chan_sip Realtime.
Is there already some automatic way to copy and easily migrate to pjsip Realtime after i get it working?

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