Really destroying SIP dialog --- What does that mean


I recently noticed that when activating debug on the CLI, I get many of these kind of messages:

Really destroying SIP dialog ‘30a2b94260dde60064b86286a0c1ccc@IPAdress’ Method: OPTIONS

What does that mean ? I did not found any information about this and never noticed them before.

I use asterisk 1.4.5 and don’t have other error messages, all seem to work fine

Thanks for your lights

No ideas ?

I got the same with Asterisk


We’re experiencing the same behaviour on one of our setups.

We installed Asterisk 1.4.17 on 3 machines. Two of the setups use Snom320 phones, and on one of these, we get these messages all the time (15 phones logged in, no one calling, about 20 messages per minute).
The other 2 installations don’t display these messages, though it’s the same setup…

message appearing in asterisk cli console:

Really destroying SIP dialog ‘3e2956c7674756c0188c3ceb7712d998@’ Method: OPTIONS

OK, found why it is appearing there and not on the other 2 boxes:

in asterisk.conf I found this line, that isn’t there in the others’
debug = 3

set it to
debug = 0

and the messages are gone…