Recieving a LOT of "Autodestruct on dialog"

Hello, recently I’ve recieved a LOT of this messages:

Even tough it’s a warning, when this happens the log suddenly stopped (so I could see this ONLY on the asterisk console), and I could recieve external calls, but both internal and output calls, it was a no go, the message was always that all lines were being used.

Hard booting the asterisk server was the only way I could find fast enough to stop this, however, can someone help me out on finding what this means and how to fix it so it won’t happen again?

Thank you.

It’s the “with owner in place” part which is important.

If this is a current version of Asterisk, please google “asterisk wiki backtrace” and obtain a backtrace from an unoptimised build. Also look the other pages there and get SIP debugging output, as this is associated with a SIP call. Minimally obscure any sensitive information, then submit them on

If this is not a current version, please try to reproduce it on a current version.

You may have a deadlock rather than a crash, so you may need to follow the instructions for getting a backtrace on a running instance. In that case, ideally you need to enable thread debugging and try to start another console session and enter “core show locks”. Thread debugging does degrade performance.

Even with a deadlock, a simple kill (i.e. kill -15) will normally cause Asterisk to shut down, and if you have a standard install on Red Hat, or CentOS, it should auto-restart.

Could this be a space issue problem?
I’ve realised that the server had 100% utilization, I’ve cleaned up the voicemail and restarted the Asterisk, until now there hasen’t been a problem again.

By the way, it’s Asterisk 1.8.17

It shouldn’t happen, even if the system is stressed. I suppose it could be a secondary problem, but it is still not how the system should fail.

Sorry david55, by 100% utilization, I meant 100% HD space used (this is what happens when you have to work with fever, and english isn’t your native language…:wink:).
I guess that it should make more sense now right?