(Re)setting the timeout on a channel originate via ARI

I’m using ARI (C#, AsterNET) to create a channel via the Originate command:

   var channel = client.Channels.Originate($"SIP/{number}@{destination}", app: appName, callerId: CLI, timeout: timeout);

This works fine; however, timeout starts from when the channel is created, and in reality I’d like to timeout to only be enforced once the channel starts ringing.

Is there any way (via ARI) to manipulate the timeout setting once the channel is created - so I could, for example, create the channel with an arbitrary timeout, and then (re)set the timeout once the channel state has changed to RINGING ? Alternatively, is there any other practical means of making the timeout only apply once the calls has started making progress or is ringing?

There’s currently no ability to do this. The given timeout is part of the originate, and has no mechanism to be modified either through ARI or even internally. It’s written to just be set once. There’s also no ability to specify that it should only start at ringing or progress.

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