Redirect call with ARI

Hello, I have an ARI app. Through it, I successfully manage an incoming call, record the caller’s voice, play media, etc. At one point, I need to redirect the caller to a live operator using an internal SIP number. As I understood, I need to use the POST/channels method. When I send a request, the second phone starts ringing, but when I pick up the phone, nothing happens. I can’t hear anything on either end. Tell me, please, maybe I need to do something else besides originating the channel?

You would need to bridge it to the incoming channel when it answers.

Yes, it is worked now with bridge. Thanks. And how can you understand that after originate, the second operator did not pick up the phone after 30 seconds? Should some event arrive via a web socket?

An event would not arrive and the timer in your application would expire. When you simulate Dial in ARI you need to replace all its high level functions, like creating the bridge and timing out unanswered calls.

You CAN specify a timeout when originating, at which point the events for a channel being hung up would occur.

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