ARI - How to make a bridge destroy itself after a few minutes

I am worried I have a race condition on my app that sometimes avoid the destruction of the main bridge for my call.
I have found I can do a similar thing for the main channel I’m dialing by sending a call to
in the body of the /ari/channels port to create the channel.

The TIMEOUT function is meant for channels. Is there a way to get my bridge to destroy itself after 5 minutes (this is way more time than I expect my call to last). I want this a a fail-safe measure until I fix the race condition so my asterisk server does not get clogged with channels not in use.

No, there is no such thing. It’s up to you.

Is the a command to destroy a bridge from the Asterisk CLI? I cannot find such thing in the documentation

No, there is not. Ownership and lifetime is the responsibility of the ARI application.

Thanks again. This is what I was expecting.

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