Raspbx with ALSA e OSS chan_alsa e chan_oss (tutorial/2012)


I follow this tutorial:http://raspimods.blogspot.mx/2012/09/portero-ip-con-asterisk-y-tarjeta-d… …and early in’m having trouble setting up chan_oss, chan_alsa and portaudio. I use raspbx image with asterisk 11.6.0 (arm61-linux on 2013-11-05). What I can do ??? (I need this because I have breadboard configured).

I need help with freepbx gui to ALSA and OSS setup. And everything about
CLI> module load cha_oss faill

This is the wrong board for FreePBX issues.

Module building on Raspberry Pi’s is something of a specialist topic. I can’t remember if there are any pi users here, but I think it is possibly better addressed by getting an understanding of software development, in general, on that platform.

That is a step by step tutorial from my blog. If you can specify what/which are your problems maybe we can help you. There are no GUI for oss or alsa in Freepbx and finally many users has ported that tutorial to raspbx or uelastix so please elaborate your issues.


Where I find this tutorial for raspbx ???

One user post something in the raspberry pi forums, basically he edit the *custom files. Or you can just use the Proyect OP^2 op2-project.github.io/


How can I do this in raspbx:
apt-get install portaudio-devel alsa-*

error: E: Impossível encontrar o pacote portaudio-devel

aptitude search portaudio or look at the install_prereq script in the contrib folder at the asterisk sources for the correct name, if you are using a package based distro look in your package manager for additional asterisk modules.

Sorry brother, I’m a linux_new. I don’t understood.
Could you explain me more clearly ??

I need use freepbx gui for this, all right ??? Where in thr freepbx gui ???

No those are Linux shell commands, if you want to do that you need at least know the basic about your Linux distribution or hire someone to do it for you. There are many good tutorials for Linux beginners in Google. All of the step must be done through the command line and the configurations files.

Free PBX is supported at freepbx.org/forums/


What are the differences this to your tutorial?

Why he install asterisk two times ?


What are the differences this to your tutorial?

Why he install asterisk two times ?[/quote]

Because one is the Client(RPi) and the other is the server(my tutorial use two asterisk aswell). As I said before, if you want a sip client in the RPi its better to use the OP^2 project is by far easier for users without knowledge of asterisk, linux or config files.

I don’t need op2-project.github.io/
I have this project running in my house and in my cell
ryanfx.blogspot.com.br/2013/06/r … d.html?m=1
I expressed myself wrong
I don’t new in linux

In your project this “x” of the -rx is wrong for me,. Don’t work with “x”

asterisk -rx ‘console dial’

and in this commands:

[root@FCRaspi ~]# echo “4” > /sys/class/gpio/export [root@FCRaspi ~]# echo “out” > /sys(etc)

the " " is necessary ?? (I think NO:


This my last response, if you don’t know how a system work you should at least read the manual by running ‘man’

The option x for asterisk let you send asterisk’s cli commands via Linux shell, so yes the usage is correct. Maybe that didn’t work for you because you dont have the console channel driver loaded or compiled.

About the setting up the raspberry GPIO please read the documentation available, I choose to configure the gpio via Bash so yes its necessary unless you use another way like phyton. In the comment section of my blog you can see how many people was able to did it so please stop sending me private messages read a lot and when you understand the guide try it.

Good luck.