Radius for Asterisk. Calling Crad platform based on Asterisk

[size=150] We can bring good news for everyone who interested in CW RADIUS for Asterisk, which allows to integrate any billing software with Asterisk open source PBX, we pleased to announce release of RADIUS that works and provides compatability with many billing software (IBSng free version, Mind CTI etc).
Taking into account flexibility and fast development of Asterisk, this software in combination with prepaid and postpaid billing software, becomes powerful platform for Calling card and VoIP providers as well as businesses that want to track phone calls and time spent on each call. We welcome billing providers for cooperation in futher development and testing of CW RADIUS. For more information please visit http://www.comwealth.co.uk

You can!
• authenticate users via RADIUS protocol
• use global RADIUS server settings and individual RADIUS server settings for different extensions
• authenticate by general “account + password”, which can mean anything depending on the service you are willing to implement i.e. ANI authorization, prepaid cards…
• authenticate SIP,IAX,ZAP,H323,MGCP users via RADIUS (secure, pass Digest over RADIUS)
• if “credit time” is provided in radius reply, then call timer will be set and asterisk will disconnect call automatically, or
• you can process RADIUS reply attribures in extensions.conf in order to create IVR response, or use responses that comes with Asterisk, see examples below.
• accept and decrypt routing information from billing software , then you can pass resulting string directly to Dial application using this feature you can dial multiply SIP,IAX,ZAP,H323,MGCP destinations using different user/pass pairs ! (requires path to Dial application)

• generate Stop RADIUS records for incoming and outgoing call legs[/size]