SIP->Asterisk->OH323->GNuGK->Radius->Any bill

Hello All!
I created a howto how to use any billing to AAA SIP/IAX users.
It is located here - … o/DTLHowto
If you have question, ask it here so that everyone see it. I will explain all.

Thanks a 1,000,000!

Welcome 8)

But for this 6 months from the time I created that HowTo, I implemented much better solution. I escaped all limitations of using GnuGK and Radius. Now I use AGI scripts to connect to billing procedures, so can do AAA of SIP/IAX2/H323 user/peers. Created IVR for:

  • Prepaid cards
  • ANI prepaid
  • ANI postpaid
  • ANI callback
  • WEB callback
  • Recharge accounts via IVR
  • Last Call(s) cost

Contact admin(at) for details.

Nice tutorial !

I’m trying to make sip -> H323 and H323 -> SIP calls, i’ve installed asterisk addon which contains H323 support and GNUGK but i’m not able to make calls between sip and H323… :frowning:

I saw in your tutorial (step by step guide) the followig sentence : “Configure asterisk to register in GnuGk” !

How should i do this ??