QUEUESTATUS for Abandoned Call

I am looking for a way to have Queue() return to my dialplan with QUEUESTATUS set to something that will indicate the call was abandoned (example):


switch(${QUEUESTATUS}) {
NoOp(Handle the abandoned call);

I cannot find any mechanism where I can implement something like this.

Thank you.

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If the call is abandonded, there is no channel on which to run follow-on dialplan.

That’s not entirely true, as there is a general mechanism, the “h” extension, that allows you to run limited dialplan code on a hungup channel.

You are so right. A “catch h {}” in my macro is exactly what I need.

Thank you for bringing the obvious to focus.

Ok, I still need help…

When the h context is entered, I cannot find a way to determine if the call was abandoned or if the
call was actually handled by an agent.

Are you aware of a variable or something else I can test to know the actual outcome of the call?

Thanks again.

TryExec just might allow you to do it, i.e. it may fall through if the calling channel is still up.