Queues : which agent answered the call?


I am working with queues and have configured a queue that functions well. The problem is, I want to get in real time the information about which queue member answered the call (i.e. to which agent the call is connected). Is this information available in some variable? or how can I get this information? please help

What you are looking for is the MEMBERINTERFACE channel variable, It holds information about which queue member received the call. This Variable is not available until you set ‘setinterfacevar=’ to ‘yes’ in queues.conf.

I am able to get the agent which received the call. But the problem is now, when I execute an agi script with the queue, the call does not end when the agent disconnects. Why is it happening? Is this a bug in Asterisk?

I am asterisk 1.6

Thanks ianplain it worked for me!!! please help regarding the issue in the previous comment.

I am facing another problem. I am executing a background PHP AGI script with my queue.
The script just launches and finishes with no output i.e. the code does not get executed.

I am trying to get the value of the channel variable MEMBERINTERFACE in the AGI script and trying to dump its value on asterisk console.

Please help.

Wouldnt it be easier to observe the system status externally instead of doing it on each call? you could do it over AMI or even shell - depending on your timeframe for observing.