AGI does not get the agent information


i’ve got an agi that writes these values into a database:

IP agent

It was worked fine until two weeks ago. it left to work without any change, it does not get the agent nor IP agent.

This is the code:

[code]#!/usr/bin/php -q

<?php require_once('/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/phpagi-asmanager.php'); require_once('phpagi.php'); $agi = new AGI(); $id_info = $agi->get_variable('NUMERO'); $id_info = $id_info['data']; $id_info2 = $agi->get_variable('ID'); $id_info2 = $id_info2['data']; $id_info1 = $agi->get_variable('CEDULA'); $id_info1 = $id_info1['data']; $channel=$id_info; $pin=$id_info1; $unique=$id_info2; $astman = new AGI_AsteriskManager(); $resultado= $astman->connect("", "admin", "XXXXXXX"); $resultado=$astman->GetVar($channel,"MEMBERINTERFACE",NULL); $agent=$resultado['Value']; if ($agent=="" or !isset($agent)) $agent="unknown"; print_r($resultado); ... [/code] The command print_r($resultado, true); returns this: [code] Array ( [Response] => Success [Variable] => MEMBERINTERFACE [Value] => ) [/code] So, it connects successly, but it does not get the data of "Value", so not get the agent. Why it does not get the value? :frowning: Thanks in advance.