Queue - Identify the agent who takes the call

I’m a newbie to Asterisk. This may be a simple issue, but can’t find any solution. :frowning:

I have implemented a queue and its all working fine. Now I need to give a pop-up information about the caller, to the agent who takes the call. Is there any way this can be implemented?

I’m using Asterisk 1.8, I know smthing abt AGI…,how it can be called etc… :stuck_out_tongue:
Plz help…

You can get that information through the AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface)

More info about this nice feature on voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+manager+API

The configuration file is called manager.conf

You should be able to set inheritable variables on the caller channel and use a membergosub to present them to the agent.

Thanx a lot for the help, [color=#0000FF]david55[/color] and [color=#0000FF]tomdemoor[/color] :smiley: .

Jus started to work on your directions… At this point, I can find some good signs :smiley:. Thanx agn…

I’ve got the same problem with Asterisk on Debian. I’ve made a macros in function Queue:
exten => _30XX,n,Queue(queue${EXTEN},tr,900,macro-777,)
and macros:
exten => s,1,AGI(text.sh, ${CDR(src)})

I tried to use all possible vars of CDR and other functions to get who place call and who answer to a call. I can get who get pick up the phone, but can’t get who place a call. How to get them all?

Before calling queue, set the relevant information into an inheritable variable (_ prefix).

Thank you for reply.
I’m not so good in Asterisk, so can you explain to me how to obtain callerid “step by step”? How can I determine which caller number in queue was answered if I have 2-3 calls in queue at the same time?

I add channel variables but it has no result, as you can see in output pastebin.com/fQjAv1nH
What did I do wrong?

Sorry, I forget to remove “__” signs before use variables. All works perfect, thank you!

Part of my dial plan:

exten => s,1,AGI(text.sh, ${CALLIDFROM}, ${CALLIDTO} )

exten => _30XX,n,Set(__CALLIDFROM=${CDR(src)})
exten => _30XX,n,Set(__CALLIDTO=${CDR(dst)})
exten => _30XX,n,Queue(queue${EXTEN},tr,900,macro-777,)