Queues and Distributed Device State

I have 02 Asterisk instances, “Asterisk 01” and “Asterisk 02”.

Both share the same Postgres database through Realtime, and the objects they are configured to fetch from it are: PJSIP endpoints (including auths, aors etc) and Queues. So far so good, everything works great.

So, I have PJSIP endpoint 101 registered to Asterisk 01, and PJSIP endpoint 101 registered to Asterisk 02, and they are able to communicate through DUNDi. They also share their device states through Outbound Publication, whcih works fine.

Both intances have a queue (from Realtime) named “CustomerCare”. Both PJSIP endpoints are members of this queue.

Since I have successfully configured distributed device state, when I run “queue show” on either instances, it shows that both members are online, which is nice and expected.

However, when, for instance, a call comes in to the Instance 01, and the queue tries to assign it to agent 102 (which is registered to instance 02), it says “Could not create dialog to invalid URI”.

Since the queue sees both members as “available” through distributed device state, and DUNDi allows for endpoints to communicate to remote endpoints, I wonder why the queue cannot call that remote device?

Hopefully I haven’t explained it in a too complicated way, lol. Can someone please help?


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