PJSIP wrong device states within queues

While playing around with queues (while trying pjsip) on our test system today I discovered something interesting. It seems to me that the states of queue members may not work properly with pjsip (I haven’t encountered something similar when using chan_sip).

queue show output:
(ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (Not in use) <- while not in use
(ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (In use) <- while ringing
(ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (Not in use) <- while in a call (here’s my problem)

The problem I have right now is that “ringinuse” is not working properly, because the states of queue members are not set correctly. So whenever someone calls my queue every member of my queue is getting called (even the ones who are in a call right now).

Does anyone know if this is an issue with pjsip and/or how I can solve/work around this problem?

Sidenote: I also took a look at hints and found out that hint states are working as expected

how do you answer the call?

if you use ami action(redirect action ) to answer call, It could be happened!
in this case, this call is abandon call in Queue!

The problem persists even when I forward the call to the Queue() immediately. I also forgot to mention that the config on our test system is pretty similar to the config (extensions.conf) we use on our prod asterisk system (where we use chan_sip).

But thank you for your fast reply!

Found the issue. Wrong channel

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