Incorrect Queue State

I’m currently trying to add queue members dynamically via AMI
The queue members are cellphones numbers.

Im getting a weird behavior from my Queue Member State.
While they are on a call, even though it says (in call) the state is says (Not in use)
In fact their behavior is acting as they’re (In use) and stay (In use) even after the call ended
I believe it has to do with having the same endpoint/interface name “anveodirect_queue”

The problem occurs when they hang up after the first call,
additional clients in queue are not being transfers to the available queue member.

I thought I can create a generic endpoint/interface name “anveodirect_queue” in pjsip.conf and reuse it.

Is there a way to overcome this by using the same generic endpoint/interface name?
Creating an endpoint in pjsip.conf for each member will then defeat the purpose of adding members dynamically.

Im not sure if its best practice but I’m going to programmatically use NodeJS to edit the pjsip.conf file and add endpoint/interface then use AMI to add queue members, which technically I can edit the queue.conf but I prefer to do as much as possible naively to asterisk.

Let me know if there are other method out there better than my jerry-rig method.

You could use ARI Push

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I never even look up ARI, I guess it about time
Thanks for the info.

If I use ARI Push, will asterisk need to be restarted to see the state of the endpoint?
I notice when I edited pjsip.conf in runtime, I couldnt reload without restarting.
Anytime I reload, the endpoint shows up buts state says unavailable
but the moment I restart asterisk, the endpoint state becomes not in use

To my knowledge you will not need to restart asterisk,