QueueMemberStatus event problem

Hi all,

I think there is a bug in our phone system regarding the QueueMemberStatus event that I receive.

Looking at the API documentation at http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/asterisk+manager+events, you can see that the status codes are 1 = NOT_INUSE, 2 = INUSE, 6 = RINGING, 7 = RINGINUSE etc.

What is currently happening (based on 1 agent in 1 queue) is when a call enters a queue, the agent’s phone rings and produces The Status 2 (INUSE) twice. Surely this status should be 6 (RINGING) and should only happen once? In the event that the caller hangs-up, the status 1 (NOT_INUSE) is produced twice also instead of once.

Something similar is happening when the agent answers the phone, as before, you get the status 2 (INUSE) twice, then if an agent answers, you get the status 2 (INUSE) twice once again. Then when the agent the hangs-up, I get a status 2 (INUSE) and 1 (NOT_INUSE).

Is there a reason I am not receiving all the available statuses? Why am I receiving the same statuses more than once?

We are using Asterisk 10 by the way.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.