Queue question

Hi. I have a IP Phone with 4 SIP extensions. (4 LEDS)

This Phone wear the extension: 2304

I created a queue named: staff1 and the member is SIP/2304

If I call to 2304 via

The LED 1 start blinking

If I call to 2304 AGAIN via

The LED 2 don’t blink.
I mean, the user in extension 2304 don’t know there is a 2nd call waiting to answer.
What parameter i need to configure in the queue to make LED1 and LED2 blinking when 2 incoming calls to extension 2304?

Check the ringinuse setting and the phone’s manual.

doesn’t work.
But If i dial the extension 2304 via Dial(SIP/2304) LED1 blink
But If i dial the extension 2304 AGAIN via Dial(SIP/2304) LED2 blink too

Hello! Try “strategy=ringall” and “ringinuse = yes” in queues.conf !

I guess you’d be better off by using something to display the state of the queue on a panel. What happens if there are 3 or 30 calls waiting?

Good point. Excelent!
Thanks for the advice.