Queue not sending call to agents "Extensions"

Hi’ All,

I am using asterisk version, and i am facing the issue that “Queue not sending call to agents” suddenly.
Assume number of agents in queue 15 and call in queue 25 assume 10 agents on call and 5 agents waiting in queue for the calls but call not landed and sometimes once the agents done the call from 10 connected agents so next call landed to any 1 agent who was the waiting in last 5.
This issue i am facing first time because i have multiple clients with same version and same settings same configurations but don’t know what going on.
Please help to solve this issue many thanks in advance.

That version hasn’t been maintained in about 7 and a half years.

Thanks David, but its stable build and we are using last 10 years but first time we are facing the issue and after more R&D i found the related issue on asterisk community please check the below link and please advise.

With something of that vintage, no one’s likely to be able to give any advice.

The currently-supported versions of Asterisk are listed on this wiki page here:


The posting you reference is itself more than 2.5 years old. The person who made that posting, who indicated their problem had been resolved at the VoIP provider level, is a community user, like yourself. None of the regular posters of this board, nor the Sangoma employees have any information about their problem beyond what the community user posted there. Sorry.