Queue music loop

I have setup a fully working ISDN PBX system using asterisk and queues. At the moment, the Music on hold (MOH) starts a new playback for every caller, therefore starting them from the beginning of the song each time.

I would like it for a song to be continuously playing for all callers at the same time, and if a new caller were to join the queue, it would not start at the beginning, but would join in the same place as the other callers/song. I can’t seem to find out how to apply this.

Any ideas guys?


I’m don’t have the same problem you’ve described. can you post us the relevant sections of your dialplan?


[New] mode=files directory=/var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3/New


[100] wrapuptime=0 timeout=60 strategy=ringall retry=2 queue-youarenext=queue-youarenext queue-thereare=queue-thereare queue-thankyou=queue-thankyou queue-callswaiting=queue-callswaiting music=new monitor-join=yes monitor-format= member=Local/5@from-internal,0 member=Local/4@from-internal,0 member=Local/3@from-internal,0 member=Local/2@from-internal,0 member=Local/1@from-internal,0 maxlen=0 leavewhenempty=no joinempty=Yes context= announce-holdtime=no announce-frequency=15

I am also playing WAV’s not MP3’s in order to stop MP3 crashed/cpu usage.