Get Number of Callers per Agent

Hi everyone, need your brilliant ideas again. I’m trying to figure out how many callers has been queued per agent/member in a queue. Please share to me your thoughts that can help me out of this problem. Thanks! :wink:

By the way, I am using Asterisk v11.

If I remember correctly, there are functions that give the number of callers and the numbers of logged in agents. Divide one by the other.

Hi , thanks for the reply. Yes there are actually two functions :

QUEUE_MEMBER() count number of members answering a queue.
QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT() count number of calls currently waiting in a queue.

None of these functions could provide accordingly to what I want. I need to get the current callers/calls queued in a certain queue-member so I can monitor exactly the number of callers waiting for Agent-1,Agent-2,…

Queue-member_1(agent_1) = currently talking and 3 callers waiting
Queue-member_2(agent_2) = currently talking and 2 callers waiting
Queue-member_3(agent_3) = currently talking and 1 callers waiting

The QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT() will only give the total callers waiting which is 6 callers waiting.
The QUEUE_MEMBER() will only give the number of agents taking calls/logged-in.

Do you have any idea?.. .

Calls are not queued to specific agents. Every second, each call looks for a free agent.

Even if autofill in queues.conf is set to ‘yes’? I’m not sure if my understanding of AUTOFILL= YES is correct.

You don’t understand autofill. I think it basically allows more than one agent to be rung at the same time. It certainly only has an effect on the calls which are within the number of immediately available agents from the top of the queue, so agents affected by it will never have any current call.