Queue_log member name

We using Asterisk 14.6 realtime on PGSQL and PJSIP 2.6.6 dilaplan write on AEL
When we add member in queue in dialplan
He adding, but in queue log not add member name

“id” “time” “callid” “queuename” “agent” “event” “data1” “data2” “data3” “data4” "data5"
“1763406” “17.07.2017 14:54:08” “1500292435.29394” “Ql2” “PJSIP/405” “ADDMEMBER” “” “” “” “” ""
and when member answer call he mamber name writing in queue log

“id” “time” “callid” “queuename” “agent” “event” “data1” “data2” “data3” “data4” "data5"
“1770148” “17.07.2017 17:31:16” “1500301850.32196” “Ql2” “TEST USER.” “RINGNOANSWER” “8000” “” “” “” “”

what could it be?

Could it just be a typo in MemberName? Mem"ebr"Name

i’m sorry))))))))))))

Don’t be sorry. I’ve been programming since I was 7 and to this day I still make those same typos. We all do. Easy to overlook.

But even after a typo, mambername is not written when you register in the queue

There’s still a typo i your last response. It should be membername.

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `queue_member_table` (
  `uniqueid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `membername` varchar(40) DEFAULT NULL,
  `queue_name` varchar(128) DEFAULT NULL,
  `interface` varchar(128) DEFAULT NULL,
  `penalty` int(11) DEFAULT '2',
  `paused` int(11) DEFAULT NULL
  PRIMARY KEY (`uniqueid`),
  UNIQUE KEY `queue_interface` (`queue_name`,`interface`)
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