MemberName in Queue


I have updated recently major asterisk version from 1.8 to 11.
In queue.conf I set new option log_membername_as_agent = yes.

I use dynamic agents and manage they via dialplan
here variable ${name} is MemeberName.

After that I saw in queue_log 1397044861|1397044860.22540|500|SIP/2516|ADDMEMBER|

Why Memebername value didn’t write in queue_log correctly?

I have tested it in another server and saw

Gyes? Can anyone has the same problem?

You are probably using a rarely used feature.

You are configuring a file that doesn’t come with Asterisk, so you may have misunderstood how to configure the software that you are running on top of Asterisk.


My wrong. Really file is queue.conf and section [general]. In that time I have worked in both servers FrePBX and Asterisk from source.

Problem is with Asterisk from source.