Queue handling for Call Centre Solution

Here is a bizarre issue regarding calls handled within the queue`s where calls are not routed simultaneously to free agents.

At the moment the following very frustrating options for running a serious call center solution are available.

First scenario: RING-ALL feature that has 40 Agents all trying to grab a call and 39 of them getting dead air…in the end the agents get tired of answering because 39 times in the worst case they will not be assigned a call.

Second scenario: RRMEMORY we have the problem that the calls waiting in the queue are not assigned to the next agent until the call next in line is ringing with a single agent and is answered by that agent before the next call in the queue is assigned to the next free agent(ABSURD!). Even though there are 40 Agents available and 40 calls entering into the queue it can take up to 3 minutes for the 40th call to be assigned to an agent because of this handling issue!!

What is needed is the parallel assignment of calls to agents in a queue! Pls let us know when we will have a decent queue handling available?!?!

I wonder how we can get a solution now?!?!? Any suggestions?!?!

P.S. People operating Call Centers pls make as many comments to have this resolved ASAP because I believe that alot of issues that are mentioned in the queue issues will be dealt with having this feature!


Have a look at upgrade.txt in 1.4beta, looks like what you’re after.


Yes it is…the problem that we have is that we made the extreme mistake in trying to implement the Beta4 version of Asterisk with this function but as soon as traffic came up Asterisk went absolutely “bananas”.

Speaking with Digium they say that the final release of 1.4 (or BE rev D) will be available somewhere around Q1 next year but they themselves are not sure when.

The way things look there is nobody around who has had sufficient trouble with this function of the queue`s to put additional pressure on Digium.

We have even gone as far a buying the BE in the hope of better support…but up untill now only a very disappointing “Sorry we can`t help you”!!

I wonder if there is anyone else that has written a QUEUE APP which does a better job of handling calls…???