Queue Does Not Send Callers to Voice Mail

Hello, I am trying to create a queue that will ring each logged in agent once then go to the voice mail. However it keeps ringing the agents over and over when the agents are available but do not answer. Like I have 3 agents logged in. The queue rings agent 1. If agent 1 does not answer then it rings agent 2. If agent 2 does not answer then it rings agent 3. If agent 3 does not answer then I want to send the caller to the voice mail but the queue goes back to agent 1 then agent 2 then agent 3 again and never send the caller to voice mail.

Can you please help me to achieve this? Below is the queue. Thx.


servicelevel = 60
timeout = 15
retry = 1
ringinuse = no
maxlen = 0
announce-holdtime = no
joinempty = no
ringinuse = no
announce-holdtime = no



exten => 7001,1,Answer
exten => 7001,n,Queue(support,15)
exten => 7001,n,Voicemail(7001,u)
exten => 7001,n,Hangup

I think you will need to correct this part:


Choose something different than Round Robin.

Timeout is the fifth parameter, not the second.

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