Queues & musiconhold

Hello list !

I have some configuration issues with queues, but I’m sure they are minor and for someone who has already configured queues it could be trivial.

This is my queue configuration :

musicclass = default
strategy = ringall
timeout = 20
retry = 5
maxlen = 0
announce-frequency = 0
announce-holdtime = no
; announce-round-seconds = 10
; queue-thankyou=
;queue-youarenext = queue-youarenext
;queue-thereare = queue-thereare
;queue-callswaiting = queue-callswaiting
;queue-holdtime = queue-holdtime
;queue-minutes = queue-minutes
;queue-seconds = queue-seconds
;queue-thankyou = queue-thankyou
;queue-lessthan = queue-less-than
;queue-reporthold = queue-reporthold
;periodic-announce = queue-periodic-announce
; monitor-format = gsm|wav|wav49
; monitor-type = MixMonitor
joinempty = strict
; leavewhenempty = yes
eventwhencalled = no
; QueueMemberStatus
eventmemberstatus = no
reportholdtime = no
ringinuse = no
memberdelay = 0
; timeoutrestart = no
member => SIP/VCsupport,1,Jonas
member => Agent/VCjoeri,2,Joeri

Problem :

When a caller calls in and there is someone available in the queue, there is no music-on-hold while the caller waits (although I have musicclass = default). When the caller is directed to the agent there should be a ringtone indicating that the agent is called, but it stays silent. No music on hold, no ringtone… (this is a SIP-channel)

Thank you for pointing out the misconfiguration.

Kind regards,


Hi Jonas

Can you let me know if you solved it, i have the same problem, am sure its a very silly config issue, but am not seeing it.