Questions regarding conference bridge


I am a newbie to linux, asterisk, trixbox and open sources in general so I am sorry in advance for any stupidity I might show here.

I am running a trixbox 2.4.2 and I am using web meetme on this machine.

  1. I found out that when users dial into a conference and while waiting for the leader to start the conference they can talk to each other, the music keeps on playing until the leader joins in but there is a conference running and users can talk to each other.

Is this by design? and if it is can I disable it? maybe a flag I am missing?

  1. As for the music while waiting for the leader it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work…

I guess this is not by design…a bug?

  1. I would like to create a permanent room with no expiration is it possible?

  2. Another question I have is regarding the “Invite” function at the Web MeetMe control.
    When you enter a room there is an option at the bottom of the page to invite someone to the room. When I dial a sip extension it works fine but when I try to dial an outside number to invite someone I get an error “System error, try again later”.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for a great site and a great forum.

I have a few more H323 question but I won’t hit you with all my problems in one post…


That’s a lot of questions. It seems to make sense for you to research each one individually, and ask pointed questions about particular problems you’re having.

I’ll provide some info about conference rooms:

There are several flags to MeetMe(). You may have noticed that there’s an asterisk file called
permanent conference rooms can be set in there, although honestly I don’t know what you mean by permanent. If you mean a particular extension maps to a particular conference room, you can configure that using extensions and meetme.

I have no idea why your hold music may or may not work, as you didn’t post details of the way you’ve configured MeetMe() with regard to hold music. You also haven’t posted the way you’ve configured your hold music. There are all kinds of reasons why hold music could intermittently work and not work, including the number of callers in a particular conference, whether your music is configured properly, etc.

Thanks for the reply.

I was able to solve most of my issues except for the “invite” function from the web UI.
I still can’t dial an outside number from the UI but I will work on it and I hope to find a way to do it.

Thanks again,