Questions asterisk about hardware

Hi, I have one big question, sorry for this stupid question.

If I have a FreeBSD box with asterisk, what hardware do I need to connect 30 telephones to asterisk and use VOIP and landline calls ?

To connect phones to Asterisk you don’t need any specialist hardware, just a network switch to plug them into. However you might want to look for a network switch that support PoE and QoS. In terms of PSTN connectivity are you talking analogue, ISDN-BRI, or ISDN-PRI (T1/E1)? There are different interface boards for each of these. Also lots of manufacturers: Digium themselves, Sangoma, OpenVOX, etc.

Ha thanks, now I see,

One box (freeBSD) with asterisk and a card (RDIS or analogue) and then a swith all the VOIP phones connect to the switch.

The landline connects to the card.

Thank you very much.

That’s correct.